The US Department of Transportation (DOT) recently tentatively granted a foreign carrier permit to Norwegian Air International Ltd. (NAI), Europe’s third largest low-cost airline, which has one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the world. However, an appeal (Order to show cause) is now open until May 16, 2016. Upon receipt of the license, NAI plans to commence low-cost services from Boston to Cork in Ireland. Water-Shuttle Fort Lauderdale is in support of granting the full permit to NAI.

NAI’s application has already been deemed consistent with the US/EU Open Skies Agreement and ‘in the foreign policy interests of the United States.’ Additionally, NAI has made a formal confirmation to the US Department of Transportation that only US and EU crew will be utilized on these services.

Cork in Ireland will be the first airport destination to be served under this new license from Boston Logan. Cork and the South of Ireland have longstanding family, tourism and business ties with Boston and the greater Massachusetts region, and NAI’s new service will  bring increased visitors and business opportunities in both directions.

Water-Shuttle strongly supports granting the permit to NAI, and we hope you will join us in urging the US Secretary of Transportation to do so. We all know how many flights per day fly from Boston to Fort Lauderdale and can’t wait for our friends in Ireland to have an easier flight path to sunny South Florida. This permit will deliver a fresh competitive dynamic on the transatlantic corridor by offering choice, service improvements and lower fares to US and European consumers, creating jobs and delivering increased passenger volumes. Low fares stimulate growth, and these new routes will result in significant economic benefits to both the US and European Economies.

To show your support, sign the petition:

By signing the petition, a letter is placed in the DOT docket, which will be considered when the DOT makes a decision. Please feel free to share the link as much as possible!

To see a list of organizations already in support of the permit, click here.